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Web Hosting Experience

NovaHosting.com started hosting web sites in 1997. We are an experienced family owned and operated web host.

NovaHosting Uses Dedicated Servers in Professional Data Centers

We do not use unproven or beta technology or software to save money. Only the Best in Class is used to safeguard your data. If you want the best for your site, contact us today. If you lost your data in a server crash, let us help you rebuild on a quality platform!

Bandwidth Transfer & Space

Many low-end Web hosts buy capped bandwidth from second-tier providers, then boldly offer "unlimited" transfer. But you can't have it both ways. When that cap is hit, every Web site goes down. Ditto for hard drive space. If a host offers "unlimited" or huge amounts of space for pennies, they are selling space they don't have and hope you'll never need. And servers squeezed with thousands of sites will run poorly and sooner or later will crash 'n' burn.

When we say unlimited transfer, we mean it. We give our customers bandwidth on demand from Tier-1 providers, and the space we provide is real. We use only the best redundant OnNet ("backbone") connections from three major providers to ensure the best connections around the world. It is more costly, but worth it.

Web Hosting Reviews For Sale

We do NOT buy "Top Hosting Reviews." Here are some unsolicited endorsements: http://novahosting.com/clients.shtml.

The Control Panel

"Control panels" come in different flavors, and we selected the best for both our customers and resellers (and their customers). CPanel offers the most extensive features and benefits for website owners. You will love these great tools at your disposal.

What Does the Stock Market Have to Do with Web Hosting?

When asked to "go public" by an investment banker in 2000, we said no. Unlike our huge corporate competitors, our family business was designed from the ground-up to serve our customers, not investment banks.

Customer Service

What do we offer that others don't? Seriously good customer service. Our servers and support database are monitored 24/7, and we treat our customers well. We are in it for you.


A website without marketing is like a day without sunshine :) We work our hosting to coincide with the marketing of the domain. Just ask for a FREE MARKETING boost when your site is up and running. And our stats package is one of the best on the market.

Cheap Hosting vs. Successful Domains

We're a small family owned and operated company that cares, and we really find ways to make the domains we host successful. Don't "Cheap Out" when you're looking for a web host!

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