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Testimonials from Our Hosting Clients

"The Angelgrove Tree Seed Company has had the very good fortune to find an excellent hosting company in Colden Communications. Our experience with Colden has been outstanding in all aspects and after 5 years of excellent service we have no hesitation in recommending them for any company or individual looking for excellent service and professionalism in a hosting company." -- Gary, angelgroveseeds.com
"I want to highly recommend my web hosting service. I have used Nova Hosting for two years and have only had good experiences. Nova Hosting is one of those rare companies that really take customer service seriously. I had an emergency problem with my web site, that was caused by a flaw in the coding, which would usually be fixed by my web designer. The problem was really not Nova Hosting's responsibility to fix. However, as we are in the vacation season, and my web designer could not be reached, Nova Hosting's technical support staff stepped in and solved the problem within 2 hours!! I also appreciate being given a real names and real contact numbers of real people..... These are the types of customer service qualities many companies claim to emulate but too few actually achieve."
Hilary Renaissance, www.calmpet.com
My 8 years of experience with NovaHosting.com has been fantastic. I'm not a huge business owner. My site is probably one of their smallest; yet, I've never felt small with this company. They host and market my site and I've enjoyed great traffic and reliability as a result. I'd highly recommend Nova Hosting.
S.H. Spoonlady.com
"NovaHosting has been very proficient and responsive.... They have provided the best service possible at very reasonable rates. I am pleased to say they are one of, if not the best hosting services I have had the opportunity to deal with."
Jerome Daniher
"ColDen Communications has done everything they promised...and more. Their knowledge of web design, marketing and promotion is unbelievable...highly ethical, honest and above all very good at their job. I will refer them to business associates, friends, family and anyone who inquires of and needs web page and marketing assistance."
Larry Gerber, President
"Outstanding. What else can be said about my experience with NovaHosting? I've had to change domains 3 times within a month... NovaHosting has been more than accommodating. They are number one in sales, service and support. I ALWAYS recommend them to others."
"As the owner of a successful tropical plant nursery, our company relies on NovaHosting.com for hosting our extremely high traffic website that has been getting between 4 and 6 million hits a year! We've been with Nova Hosting for several years now and the service and price is unbeatable. I wanted to write this letter to tell the world about our experience with Novahosting, as they are in my book, the best hosting company out there! You have a customer for life!"
Peter T. Yunger
Owner, Arizona Aquatic Gardens

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