FastStats Screen Shots
Below is a sampling of what FastStats can do. Click on each image thumbnail for a full-size screen-shot. After you click on each screen shot, use the Back button on your browser to return to this page.

ss1_p.gif (2825 bytes)

A view of all of the available reports in FastStats, with the General Information report selected.


ss2_p.gif (2156 bytes)

FastStats lets you know what browsers people are using to access your web site -- perfect for planning site upgrades that may involve browser-dependent features.

Screen Shot 1 -- Search Engine Phrases

Use FastStats to analyze the Search Engine phrases and keywords used to access your site.

ss4_p.gif (3491 bytes)

Want to increase traffic to your site? The first step is knowing where your users are coming from.

ss5_p.gif (1694 bytes)

...And the second step is knowing what pages they're visiting.


ss8_p.gif (3393 bytes)

FastStats can even give you referring information for individual pages on your web site.

ss6_p.gif (1998 bytes)

Do users download lots of binary files from your site? And what portion of these file transfers complete successfully?

ss7_p.gif (1517 bytes)

Track an advertising campaign or just monitor your site's popularity with FastStats's file tracking features. You can even use wildcards to track multiple files at once.

ss9_p.gif (1053 bytes)

No one likes 404 errors; FastStats lets you know about broken links before they become a problem. FastStats can even tell you who's referring people to missing pages on your web site.


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